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Castellón Fair 2019. Sale of Magdalena Fair Tickets in Castellón

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Posters for the Castellón Fair 2019.

Gestión Universal de Espectáculos, the management company of the Bullring, has presented the posters of the Magdalena Fair 2019 in the Provincial Council. This year the fair has one more bullfight, five in total, another with horses and two practical classes with young bullfighters without horses. In total eight days in a row of celebrations to be held from March 24 to 31.

One of the main novelties is the debut of the bulls from Adolfo Martín, which will open the cycle on Sunday 24, for which three local bullfighters have been chosen. Alberto Ramírez, representative of the company, has affirmed that it is a very topped fair, with the presence of the great figures and the important support to the Bullfighting School of Castellón. 

The combinations are the following:

- Sunday, March 24; Adolfo Martín bulls for Paco Ramos, Abel Valls and Vicente Soler.

- Monday 25; bulls from Fermín Bohórquez for the horse-bullfighters Andy Cartagena, Diego Ventura and Léa Vicens.

- Tuesday 26; practical class with Aida Jovaní steers for Miguel Polope, Kevin Alcolado, Marcos Andreu, Alejandro Peñaranda, Julio Alguiar and Antoni Villalta.

- Wednesday 27; practical class with steers from Pablo Mayoral for Jorge Martínez, Jorge Rivera and El Ceci.

- Thursday 28; bulls from El Pilar and Moisés Fraile for El Cid, López Simón and Román.

- Friday the 29th; bulls from Juan Pedro Domecq for El Fandi, Manzanares and Roca Rey.

- Saturday 30; Domingo Hernández and Garcigrande bulls for Morante de la Puebla, El Juli and Perera.

- Sunday 31; Hermanos García Jiménez and Olga Jiménez bulls for Enrique Ponce, Cayetano and Varea.


Fair of Castellón. (La Magdalena)

The Magdalena Fair takes place in the Valencian city for nine days and it doesn’t celebrate its saint or patron, but the origin of its settlement, when they moved from the mountain to the plain in the XII century. Their dates are variable, coinciding with the third weekend of Lent.

The festivities begin with the "Cavalcada del Pregó", a parade in which the auctioneer invites citizens and visitors to participate in the festivities, begin days of frenetic activity: festivals, fairs, concerts, fireworks, popular dinners and of course , bullfighting shows.

The ‘Romeria de les Canyes’ is the oldest commemorative act documented and the most emotional for its neighbors. People from Castellón go in procession to the hermitage of Santa María Magdalena in the Castell Vell (about 8km from Castellón), that's where the origins of Castellón are based.

The pilgrimage starts with a ‘mascletá’ to put the pilgrims on their feet and they go to pick up their canes at the Central Market and after a Mass of ‘Romeros’ (pilgrims), they start up in procession until they reach the Castell Vell.

The arrival to the mountain is received with another ‘mascletá’, and later meal with massive ‘paella’. And around 16:00 the celebrations of the hermitage finish and the ‘Tornà’ or return home begins, arriving in the city about 7:30 p.m. Then the parade of penitents takes place.

This big day is followed by others with parades, the traditional ‘Nit Màgica' (a firework show) or the offering of flowers to the ‘Virgen del Lledò’, patron saint of the city, forming a tapestry. And, of course, a great ending fireworks.


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