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Plaza de toros de Castellón Bullring of Castellón. All the information: seats, seating plan, history, architecture

History of the Bullring of Castellón

The old bullring of Castellón, built in wood and brick, was demolished in 1878 due to its lack of security. A group of shareholders formed by Juan and Joaquín Fabregat Viché, Hipólito Fabra Adelantado, Joaquín Calduch Roig, José Ripollés Llorens and Luciano Ferrer Calduch decided to form a company to promote the construction of a stable bullring.

They bought a part of land in 1885 and commissioned the new project to Manuel Montesinos Arlandis, architect from Castellón and former mayor of the city. A bullfight form Duque de Veragua inaugurated the bullring on July 3, 1887, with the bullfighters "Lagartijo" and "Frascuelo". "Caramelo" was the first bull fought in the Castellón arena.

The first alternative was given by Marcial Lalanda to Alfredo Corrochano on February 28, 1932 with Domingo Ortega as witness and Carmen de Federico's bulls. Others who took the alternative in Castellón were Antonio Chenel "Antoñete", Joaquín Bernadó, Pedro Benjumea, "Macandro", José Luis Palomar or Manolo Montoliú.

It has 49 meters in diameter and capacity for 13,000 spectators. It has a 60-sided polygon shape, with an arcade in each of them. The rows are made of artificial stone and ashlar and at the end of them you have landing chairs. The bullring is finished off with a floor covered with boxes and small boards. The sculptor D. José Viciano Martí, who built the statue of King Don Jaime of the City of Castellón, made the bronze medallion in which the head of a bull stands out for the main frontage


Bullring of Castellón. Seating chart


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Castellón Bullring

First floor:
Palco (10 entradas)

Second floor:
Gradas 15-23
Gradas 9-14
Gradas 1-8
Sillón Rellano
Sillón Barandilla

Address: Avda. Benito Pérez Galdós s/n, 12004 Castellón
Category: Second category
Seating capacity: 13.000
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